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Sustainability in Fashion Design

One of the 3 Rules of Lions (in Fashion) is “Unique Sustainability.” But in a product based business, what does it mean to be sustainable?

I believe that sustainability in a product-based business means identifying metrics and methods by which the world will be a better place ... and implementing those methods. 

Sustainability Measure 1: Economic Growth and Influence

ETL is part of a local and national fashion economy.  

Since its inception, ETL has voted with its dollars, choosing to partner with women-owned businesses based in Houston, Texas. These businesses, in turn, are estimated to employ mostly women as seamstresses. 

ETL also votes with its dollars to purchase fabric that is made in American mills in New York state, as well as gold chain and buttons made in the USA. 

IMPACT GOAL: As ETL grows in revenue, its business partners will profit. ETL will be able to vote with its dollars to improve its performance in other measures of sustainability. 

Sustainability Measure 2: Social Activism

Most product manufacturing is a threat to the wellbeing of humans and animals worldwide. Fashion is no exception. Greed and willful blindness lead to cruelty and fortunes built on the backs of others. 

That won't be the case here. I know my business partners, and I choose to partner with manufacturers in Texas (see above), where federal laws protect workers' wellbeing. 


Sustainability Metric 3: Influence in Garment Care Behaviors

I took a UK-based course on sustainability in luxury fashion. I learned that my own washing and drying of a garment is actually the third largest contributor to that garment's carbon footprint:


I was surprised but thrilled! Why? Because it means I can have an impact. You too! 

I am very excited to teach everyone my effective methods of caring for these clothes which do not involve much washing or drying. See my care guide here.

Given the impact of washing and drying a garment, you will be delighted (from an ecological perspective) to know that I wash clothes once every 6 weeks, if that. I have special tricks to clean clothes without washing them! Again, care guide here.

Read summaries of the report from which the above chart was drawn here.