How To: Maureen with the Drapes

I’ll show you exactly how to wear “Maureen with the Drapes” and get started with those blue sashes.


This outfit is very plug-and-play, emphasis on the play. You basically just snap the sashes onto the back of the pants (or don’t) and start experimenting.

There are belt loops on the side of the top & the sides of the pants.

Once you get going, you just can’t stop! Another experiment:

Use the blue jersey as a scarf!


Blue jersey as overalls? Yes, please.


How To: Jane with the Chain

This blog post will show you exactly how to wear “Jane with the Chain” and get started experimenting with that chain.


First: the chain is not delicate. It’s small but tough. It’s more than capable of the task at hand.

Second: it’s pretty simple. To start out, I wrap the chain twice around the first button, then I wrap it twice around the second button. I make a figure eight between the buttons. When I’ve made about two figure eights, I wrap the chain once around the final button, and stop.

Now the video.

From another angle.

The 3 Rules of Lions (in Fashion)

Rule 1: Give as Much Creativity as I Get

My guiding principle in design: design clothes that allow the person wearing them to be creative when they put them on. 

I have become a fashion designer because I want to have a creative output. But, I felt that way before I became a fashion designer! I want to be creative when I put on clothes.

I want to tie the sashes, put the thing on backwards, twist it round, pin something to it, and make it mine.

Experiential dressing is my made-up phrase, intended to capture my promise to you: dressing, for customers of ETL, will be an experience that creates an opportunity for creativity. 

Rule 2: Excitement and Sparkle

I like sparkle and excitement.

Pouting and simpering, this brand will not be.

ETL is fashion...but it is excitement and fun.

I hope you will join me in this rule-breaking, exciting, fun and sparkling statement.

Rule 3: Unique Sustainable

 This brand is not selling something you can get elsewhere. This brand is selling my vision.

I care about sustainability (more about this elsewhere on this blog) but I also believe my vision is worth expressing and has a value to both you and I. 

My personal commitment to you is that everything you ever see here will be unique. I won't waste our time or our planet's resources.

I have taken concrete steps to ensure that my business aligns with my personal values. Every yard of fabric -- and each garment made from that fabric -- is made in the USA.

I will not make garments in a country without satisfactory labor laws, or partner with a business that operates outside those laws.