How To: Maureen with the Drapes

I’ll show you exactly how to wear “Maureen with the Drapes” and get started with those blue sashes.


This outfit is very plug-and-play, emphasis on the play. You basically just snap the sashes onto the back of the pants (or don’t) and start experimenting.

There are belt loops on the side of the top & the sides of the pants.

Once you get going, you just can’t stop! Another experiment:

Use the blue jersey as a scarf!


Blue jersey as overalls? Yes, please.


How To: Jane with the Chain

This blog post will show you exactly how to wear “Jane with the Chain” and get started experimenting with that chain.


First: the chain is not delicate. It’s small but tough. It’s more than capable of the task at hand.

Second: it’s pretty simple. To start out, I wrap the chain twice around the first button, then I wrap it twice around the second button. I make a figure eight between the buttons. When I’ve made about two figure eights, I wrap the chain once around the final button, and stop.

Now the video.

From another angle.

How To: Athena with the Sashes

This blog post will show you exactly how to wear “Athena with the Sashes” and get started experimenting with its many options.

Four easy steps:

  1. Tie the arm straps to a length that suits you. A simple knot will do. (You won’t have to redo this again for a while — the straps will stay tied).

  2. Put on the waist sash. (Or why limit it to being tied around the waist?)

  3. Put on the long sash.

  4. Decide whether to snap up the hem on the left side.

And lions…


Now the video.

Experiment! It’s so much fun with this dress.