ETL IRL: Our First Market!

“A whole new world…. a new fantastic point of view.”

Jasmine sang it, but I lived it.

Last night I wo-manned the booth at our first real event: the fashion collective show in Downtown Houston, at Social Graces Social Club. I recently joined the club as a way to meet other Houstonians passionate about art and fashion. This event was step one in fulfilling that goal! Houston fashion is a new and vibrant community, and I’m so excited to be a part.

My #1 Takeaway: I created this brand in order to become a fashion designer, and these clothes are all about turning you — The Pride, my customers — into fashion designers. I want you to be more than a customer — I want you to join me in the design process. Of course, I had this realization while I was talking to you all, explaining the pieces. What an amazing feeling.

Funniest Moment(s): Every time someone asked me for a free cupcake, and I asked for their email address in exchange, and they gave in. We humans are such gluttons.

MVP: My dearest partner, Salman, who carried my new mannequin, mirror, clothes and racks from (illegally parked) car, up a long escalator, and down the aisles in order to set up my splendid booth.

Outfit: The Maureen: the pants are reversed; the drapes are slung over my left shoulder, anchored to the snaps at the front (snaps are at the front because the pants are reversed); one drape is tucked into the belt loop at the waist on the blouse. See the How-To Video.